I’m Mikk Olli, a (street) photographer, a digital product designer, & an occasional artist. After years in Boston, I recently moved back to Tallinn, Estonia and I’m currently working at Whatifi, building a new kind of movie app.

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I've dabbled with cameras since I was young but moving 6000km away to Boston, MA in 2012 gave it a whole new meaning for me. Observing the new environment and the people in it got me hooked. I started thinking about what and why am I shooting. Taking photos is a release and an escape. Now I’m mostly drawn to urban and street photography. It's about the hunt for the fleeting moments, the moments that best describe how I see the world.

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As a designer I get a kick from building digital products that solve real problems for people. I love the chaotic nature of a small startup where everything still needs to be figured out.

For the past 2 years, as part of the founding team at Whatifi, we've been building a new kind of branching story movie app. Back in Boston, I worked as the Head of Design in Stratasys, where we built a software platform for one of the worlds leading professional 3D printer companies. Before that, at GrabCAD, I helped build the biggest online CAD library and community of 5 million mechanical engineers.

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Constant doodling has been a normal mode for me. Besides the everyday design work, I often find myself drawing and illustrating. Recently I’ve tried to use art to get a break from the glowing screens and I’ve been experimenting with collages, printing techniques, and paintings.

You might find bits and pieces all over the internet, but I’ll be working on an art gallery to upload here soon. Leave your email and stay tuned...

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Art prints are available on request. Shoot me a message.

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